Chaotic Cooked JayD Pack - 20% OFF

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Try a little bit of everything with this pack made from our most ordered Cooked products!

Combined price is 20% off!

Bundle includes:

1 x Cooked Salt Beef (500g)

1 x Beef Pastrami (500g)

1 x Pulled Brisket (500g)

1 x Burnt Ends (500g)

1 x Pulled Pork (500g)

2 x Smoked Pork Ribs (Total 1kg)

4 x Oak Smoked Chicken Breast (Total 1kg)

1 x Lamb Shawarma (500g)

1 x Turkey Pastrami (500g)

2 x Jars of Gherkins

1 x Bottle of Truffle Oil