About Us

We are Hert Estates Ltd. A meat processor and wholesaler to the food services industry. We deal in high quality food products, our customers include Selfridges & Harrods. Unfortunately our industry has grinded to a halt. 

During the first lockdown in 2020, we opened to the public to clear our stock. We had a big demand and several of our trading partners have asked us to help clear stock for them.

As long as there is value to pass on we will continue to bring stock in. It has always been our intention to open to the public at some point, these troubled times have forced our hand.

We are operating with social distancing in mind. We ship product nationwide using next day delivery couriers packed in iced cooled thermal boxes. We also offer a local delivery service in our own vans. Our business name is Hert Estates Ltd, we are trading as JayD Meats.