Trade Enquiries

Cooked Meats

We are especially proud of our cooked range. Our Salt Beef and Pastrami is the most famous around the UK and is used in the best department stores, restaurants, bakeries and cafes across the UK.

Much of our cooked range is themed around smoking, which can make your menu standout from others.

Our products are a favourite to many street vendors due to our cost effective pricing, extreme quality, the ease of use for our products and their versatility.

All you need to do is heat the goods up, find the perfect way to serve them and enjoy the great feedback!

Sliced Meats

We have recently brought in a brand new, state of the art, slicing machine from Germany, which is capable of absolutely anything!

We can now offer custom thicknesses for our sliced meats, ranging from wafer thin to however thick you may want.

We are also able to offer shaved or pulled versions of these meats.

Our sliced meats will make your sandwiches much quicker, easier and more delicious (hopefully)!

Raw Meat

We have a range of raw goods that we make ourselves, such as hugely famous salt beef, burgers and a large range of sausages that are all fantastic and easy to cook.

We also bring in pallets of beef from Ireland three times a week. We can get you any cuts of beef within a few days of you placing an order with us. Just call the number below or send an email to enquire about cuts you may be interested in.


We love to host potential clients, so if you are interested, we would love to have you down to our warehouse to meet you and allow you to sample our products!

For more information about prices, please contact us by emailing, or calling Sam on 077986 28828.