Trade Enquiries

Direct to the best Bakeries, Delis and Food Vendors around the UK!

For more information about prices, please contact us by sending us an email to, calling Sam on 07798628828, or filling out a form at the bottom of the page. 


Cooked Meats

We are especially proud of our cooked range. Our Salt Beef and Pastrami is the most famous around the UK and is used in the best department stores, restaurants, bakeries and cafes across the UK.

Much of our cooked range is themed around smoking, which can make your menu standout from others.

Our products are a favourite of many street vendors due to our cost effective pricing, extreme quality, the ease of use for our products and their versatility.

Custom/Exclusive products can be developed, Minimum quantities required.

Sliced Meats

Custom thicknesses for our all our sliced meats are available.

We also offer shaved or pulled versions of these meats.

We have a variety of packaging options for both wholesale and retail packs.

Raw Meat

JayD offer a range of processed raw products. Please browse the website to see the various products on offer. 

We produce tonnes of raw salt beef every week and are able to supply as much of this as you would need. We also have a range of premium sausages available in our range that are produced in house.