French Trim Welsh Rack of Lamb

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Elevate your palate with the Taste of Two Worlds: Exquisite French Trim Rack of Lamb sourced from the verdant pastures of Wales. Savour the succulence of premium Welsh lamb, masterfully prepared with a delicate French trim. Each tender bite embodies the essence of Welsh terroir, elevated by the meticulous artistry of French culinary finesse. Immerse yourself in a symphony of flavours that pays homage to tradition while embracing refinement. Indulge in a transcendent dining experience that unites the best of both worlds on your plate.

Product Info:

Origin : Wales
Packed in The UK. Produced in environment handling wheat, milk, egg, soya, mustard, sesame & nuts

Storage: Keep Frozen (Below -18oC)
Use in 3 days of defrost